Sets the Developer Dashboard Settings.

Set-SPDeveloperDashboard [-AutoLaunchEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-DisplayLevel [<SPDeveloperDashboardLevel>]] [-MaximumCriticalEventsToTrack [<Int32>]] [-MaximumSQLQueriesToTrack [<Int32>]] [-RequiredPermissions [<SPBasePermissions>]] [-TraceEnabled [<Boolean>]] [-AdditionalEventsToTrack [<String[]>]] [-AssignmentCollection [<SPAssignmentCollection>]]




Indicates whether the developer dashboard can be auto launched.


Indicates whether the developer dashboard is set to Off, On, or On Demand.


The maximum number of critical events and asserts that will be recorded in a single transaction (i.e. one request or timer job). If a single transaction has more than this number of asserts the remainder will be ignored. This can be set to 0 to disable assert tracking.


The maximum number of SQL queries that will be recorded in a single transaction (i.e. one request or timer job). If a single transaction executes more than this number of requests the query will be counted but the query call stack and text will not be kept.


A permission mask defining the permissions required to see the developer dashboard. This defaults to SPBasePermissions.AddAndCustomizePages.


Whether a link to display full verbose trace will be available at the bottom of the page when the developer dashboard is launched or not.


A list of URL tags to track in addition to events with severity above High.


Manages objects for the purpose of proper disposal. Use of objects, such as SPWeb or SPSite, can use large amounts of memory and use of these objects in Windows PowerShell scripts requires proper memory management. Using the SPAssignment object, you can assign objects to a variable and dispose of the objects after they are needed to free up memory. When SPWeb, SPSite, or SPSiteAdministration objects are used, the objects are automatically disposed of if an assignment collection or the Global parameter is not used.

When the Global parameter is used, all objects are contained in the global store. If objects are not immediately used, or disposed of by using the Stop-SPAssignment command, an out-of-memory scenario can occur.

Detailed Description

Sets the Developer Dashboard Settings.

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------------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------------

PS C:\> Set-SPDeveloperDashboard -DisplayLevel OnDemand -TraceEnabled $true

This example enables the developer dashboard.

------------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------------

PS C:\> Set-SPDeveloperDashboard -RequiredPermissions "ManageWeb,ManageSubwebs"

This example sets the required permissions to view the developer dashboard.