Retrieves a specific File from a given Site.

Get-SPOFile -Web <SPOWebPipeBind> -Url <String>




Specifies the identity of the Site containing the File to retrieve.

The type must be a valid server relative URL, in the form /site_name, or an SPOWeb object, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web object, or GUID representing the Site ID.


The server relative URL to the file to retrieve.

Detailed Description

Retrieve a specific SPOFile object from a Site given the server relative URL to the file. The Site provided by the -Web parameter must correspond to the Site where the file is located or else an argument out of range exception will be thrown.

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PS C:\> Get-SPOFile -Web "/" -Url "/Shared Documents/MyFile.docx"

Retrieves the file MyFile.docx from the Documents library within the root Site of the current Site Collection.