Retrieves the collection of lists or a specific list.

Get-SPOList -Web <SPOWebPipeBind> [-Identity [<SPOListPipeBind>]] [-Detail [<SwitchParameter>]]




Specifies the identity of the Site containing the List to retrieve.

The type must be a valid server relative URL, in the form /site_name, or an SPOWeb object, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web object, or GUID representing the Site ID.


Specifies the identity of the List to retrieve.

The type must be a valid absolute URL, in the form, or an SPOList object, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List object, List title, or GUID representing the List ID.


Retrieve additional details useful for examining a single object.

Detailed Description

If the -List parameter is not provided then all the lists the given Site are returned; otherwise, a single list will be returned matching the identifier provided.

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------------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------------

PS C:\> Get-SPOList -Web "/"

Retrieves all lists for the root Site.

------------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------------

PS C:\> Get-SPOList -Web "/" -Identity "Shared Documents"

Retrieves a single list for the given Site.