Creates a new child Site within an existing Site.

New-SPOWeb -ParentWeb <SPOWebPipeBind> -Url <String> [-WebTemplate [<String>]] -Title <String> [-Description [<String>]] [-Language [<Int32>]] [-UniquePermissions [<SwitchParameter>]]




Specifies the identity of the parent Site to create the new Site within.

The type must be a valid server relative URL, in the form /site_name, or an SPOWeb object, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web object, or GUID representing the Site ID.


The URL name of the Site to create. If creating a new Site at "" then specify a value of "newsite".


Specifies the Web template for the new Site. The template must already exist. If no template is specified, no template is applied and a template can be selected later.


Specifies the title of the new Site.


Describes the new Site. If no description is specified, the entry is left blank.


Specifies the language template identifier for the new Site. If no language is specified, the Site is created with the same language that was specified when the product was installed.

The type must be a valid language identifier (LCID).


Specifies that this Site is to be created with unique permissions.

Detailed Description

Creates a new child Site within an existing Site.

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PS C:\> New-SPOWeb -ParentWeb "/" -Url "childsite" -WebTemplate "STS#0" -Title "Child Site" -UseSamePermissionsAsParentSite

This example creates a new child site with the URL name of childsite under the root Site of the current Site Collection.