SharePoint Farm Builder

Automatically build and crawl SharePoint On-Premises farms

Project Details

  • Client : Falchion Consulting
  • What We Did : Application Design and Development
  • Technologies Used : .NET WPF, PowerShell

SharePoint Farm Builder Application Development

In order to accomodate the high demand for SharePoint On-Premises installations and configurations that Falchion Consulting was met with it became necessary to develop a custom application. This application started as a simple series of PowerShell scripts that would take in an XML configuration file; these scripts could then handle the installation of software and full configuration of SharePoint saving hours of time avoiding the tedious point and click nature required to setup and configure a proper SharePoint environment. As time went on a custom WPF desktop application was built so that the configuration file could be managed visually with a user friendly interface that would provide tips, error handling, and best practice analysis. As the tool was used and continued to be developed a crawl feature was added which would allow you to crawl an existing environment and use that configuration to build a new environment. Falchion Consulting has used this product on dozens of farms for everything from full deployments to periodic health checks.