A little about Gary Lapointe

Gary Lapointe is a founder and owner at Falchion Consulting, LLC and is currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

e-Business and Application development

Before joining Falchion and the world of consulting, Gary was an Assistant Vice President at a large student loan company. While there he not only grew and managed a large e-Business group but was also hands-on with the technology and developed numerous applications and processes which facilitated tens of millions in revenue. While there, one of the products Gary spent a lot of time with was SharePoint.

SharePoint Migrations and Customizations

Upon leaving the student loan company, Gary focused his career on helping companies deploy and implement SharePoint to improve business processes and streamline day-to-day activities. A developer by trade, Gary was primarily focused on customizing SharePoint and developing mission-critical applications that leveraged SharePoint in one form or another. He also handled IT-centric operations – to the point where he developed several open-source PowerShell solutions as well as a custom deployment application, all aimed at streamlining the deployment, configuration, and analyses of SharePoint. Gary’s efforts within the SharePoint community resulted in him being awarded Microsoft’s MVP award for eight straight years. As his expertise evolved along with the product, Gary pivoted to working with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, where he did numerous migrations and created customizations using the modern web technologies available in that space.

Complex web-based applications

The shift to using modern web technologies with SharePoint Online has enabled Gary to get back to his web development roots, and now he develops complex web-based applications for large aerospace and engineering companies. One such application facilitates the testing of complex code that will eventually be on a CubeSat or planetary rover. Because the technologies for these applications vary, the ability to learn, understand and quickly implement new technologies allows Gary to create flexible solutions that transcend any particular technology.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your custom application development or SharePoint On-Premises or SharePoint Online implementation please feel free to email me at gary@FalchionConsulting.com.


Open Source Projects




Satisfied Customers


MVP Years

Gary Lapointe is an independent consultant specializing in
Microsoft 365 and Modern Web Technologies

SharePoint Online

Design and customize SharePoint Online Classic and Modern Experience sites

Modern Web Development

Design and build modern web based applications using the Angular and ReactJS frameworks


Manage and implement Azure and Azure hosted systems such as SQL, App Services, Functions, etc.

SharePoint On-Premises

Deploy, manage, and customize SharePoint On-Premises installations

Product Development

Design and implement in house and client directed commercial products


Custom UI design for standalone web applications and SharePoint Online/On-Premises

We design compelling and engaging web-based applications.

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